Sunday, June 3, 2007

Naples, not Sorrento, and what a nice surprise!

We were upset today initially, see, our stop in Sorrento was cancelled due to bad weather in the area and the impossibility of operating a safe tender-boat service to Sorrento itself from the anchored point in the bay, so we re-directed to Naples. I love Sorrento, Pompeii, Capri and Positano are all nearby, and I’ve only ever heard bad things about Naples, it’s dangerous, big, industrial etc.etc.
I have to tell you, reader, NAPLES IS PRETTY, DON’T BELIEVE THE CRITICS!

Take a look at these pictures. Yes, it has more of a town-like feel rather than a village, and there are main roads, but take any of these small semi-pedestrian streets off the main drag (beware of the Vespas!) and you find fresh fruit stalls, tiny pizzerias and trattorias, very friendly people, fountains, and some good market shopping as well as well-known brand stores.

I love this sign, Hot Pizza Crossing!
Oh, and here's today's cat picture.
We walked up and down, and eventually found this little pizzeria called Nero’s to go and eat our lunch in. Now, not to put too fine a point on it, after the stomach sensations incurred in Cairo, we need good, basic food right now, heavy on carbs and not much of anything else. So, when we ordered the special pizza of the house, the Regale, with parmesan, arugula, mushrooms and meat, we knew we’d done the right thing!
I’m really into taking these still-life shots of our table at the end of our meal. Yes, I'm special sometimes!

Our waitor, Pierro, or “Peter in English” as he liked to say to us, loved our “romantico” style of sharing our food. When Eric ran off under the guise of seeing a friend from another ship in the street, then came back with roses for me, Pierro was beside himself. He walked over, arms open, smile wide, and said “Champagne?”
I think its proof that Italians are true romantics, believe the hype, they just are. We shyly declined the champagne, but it made our day.

Later on, after sail-away, I caught another sunset, this one over Capri.

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