Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Buying Bergen's beverages breaks Becky's Bank-balance

Bergen is bigger than many of the ports we’ve docked in recently, but it’s still Norway. Norway is the richest country in the world, and it shows. They charge SO MUCH for everything. Apparently taxes are high too. I mean, you get a beautiful, picturesque country in return, but it’s SO EXPENSIVE!

Clearly, they spend money on more artistically detailed road-signs here. I love the male pedestrian's jaunty hat. So did Eric.
The big thing to do in Bergen is to take the funicular up 1000 ft from sea-level to experience the views. Here we all are, Wolfie, Rachel, Carla, Juan, Eric and myself, about to go up. We were waiting, because for 70 krone each, that’s £7 or $14 for a 10 minute trip, I’m making sure I get a seat!
The views were beautiful. Here’s the ship. I bought a cider in the café, £5 or $10. Here we all are, in the gorgeous sun and with a beautiful view but clutching at our purse strings.
Eric, Wolfie and Juan left us at this point to climb a little further up, leaving Rachel, Carla, Matthew and I to our own devises for a few hours.
We managed to change money in the local post-office, and changed it all together so as to avoid incurring the 75 krone (£7.50, $15 for changing any amount!!!!) charge more than once.
We spent some money on chocolate, and then stopped briefly in the pedestrian street to see this capoiera performance. I love the musical instruments and the singing involved, plus you can see the elements of self-defence as well as the principles of break-dance that seem to be demonstrated. After that, we went to another bar to wait for the guys, spending 84 krone each on a bloody mary (by this point I’m sure you can do the math!)... Then we had another. This is what an £8.50 bloody mary looks like, complete with drinkers. Luckily, I found a 50 krone note in the street with no takers, so added it to the pot.
The boys returned, and after a while, Eric and I headed off to the fish and flower market, where we hoped to find an affordable dinner.
We tried whale-meat, this woman is chopping it up. It’s dark and tasted faintly like tuna steak. We had an oyster each, this was my one, freshly shucked and gorgeous, for 50 krone each. It was STILL worth it!
Then we had a prawn roll and a salmon roll which were slightly less expensive but less tasty before heading back. We also got ice cream for the walk. On the way back, we saw these wonderful warped timber housing structures, all part of the hanseatic Norwegian heritage site, and walked around them.
I like it here, I just can’t afford it!

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Hyde DP said...

We went to Bergen in 2005 and it rained so we didn't see a great deal. We took the trip out to the cable car that goes up Mount Ulriken and that was quite reasonable priced. But back in the city the rain came down in a torrent so we got a taxi back to the ship. The 1.8km journey cost 200Nkr (£20)

Ah well at least we avoided getting totally drenched.