Thursday, April 17, 2008

Down by the river of...Kingston Town

So, this is where Eric and I walked today. We went from the bottom tip of Home Park, along the left-hand side of the triangle/river and across Hampton Court Bridge to get back home. Here's Eric doing the pre-walk stretches,
This is from Kingston Bridge, a pretty nice view of the Thames. In Tudor Britain, Henry VIII built Hampton Court Palace nearby (and Kings were crowned on the King's Stone, get it?) because Kingston Bridge was the nearest bridge across the Thames to London Bridge. Times have changed.

Check out some of the wildlife we saw on our walk. These are actually pretty scary looking ducks. They have the heroin-chic eyeliner look about them.
Nothing says England quite like a Robin. This one was singing up a storm.

These are big close up! Not that I could touch one even if I wanted to, all swans are property of the queen. It is an offence to kill a swan akin to that of treason.

In Bushy Park, I showed Eric a park with swings and slides that was the scene of much underage drinking in my youth.

As if to welcome my return, nearby deer began a stampede across the footpath.
Eric, at the front of Hampton Court Palace, featured heavily in the recent movie 'The other Boleyn Girl'.
And the back.
Here's another view of the pretty Teddington/Kingston riverside.
Eric's been gigging in a band called Fernando's Kitchen, they play flamenco music.
Eric gave Babitchka a workout that night (the bass) at 93 feet East, on Brick Lane.

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