Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sari, sari nights

So, here we are in all our finery, off to the ball. We think we were going for parts in the movie "Kama Sutra", I'm the heroin, and Eric's the hunchback dude who is crazy- in love with her throughout all her sexual exploits. And, if you were wondering, that indeed last costume party's toga being reincanrnated as a turban, atop Eric's head.

The party was called "Shades of the Orient", so some ladies came in Kimonos or Chinese dresses, as well as those of us who favoured the sari. I have to admit, there's something really sexy about sari-wearing, they drape over curves and are actually really flattering on us ladies who have some hips. The guys went mostly for the samurai-ninja look, unless in drag, or rocking the turban as in Eric's case. I love that he was the hottest man there, and still kept everything covered.

This is Zoli, one of our male singer-dancers. I did his eye makeup, and I'm quite proud of it. The hardest thing with men is covering their eyebrows and creating new, more feminine ones.

The guy in the middle is Franklin, a waitor here, he did the other guy's makeup (not Eric's, he went au naturel) he's a trained makeup artist and he's offered to work his magic on my tired old boat-race soon!

Mark is our drummer. He looks like Flea in a Red Hot Chilli Peppers video I think, with all that metallic gold paint.

The party was up on Deck 6 aft, open-air, which made it a challenge to wear floaty garments like saris. It was also really humid, which is why many of the guys went topless. The most touching moment for me was when a lady from the shops (who'd had a couple of bevvies) came up to Eric in a flirtatious manner and said "Hello. I'm an Indian Princess". Eric, without missing a beat, gestured over to me and said "Great. I've got mine, thanks."

Here we are, right at the back of the ship.


Ex-Shammickite said...

Oh fab, I wanna go to a party like that!
The sari looks wonderful, btw!

Runaway Rubber Duckie said...

What a sassy, cheeky woman to hit on Eric right under your nose! ;) (I can only assume:)
There is no comment box for your latest post ( i think) but I loved the idea of skiing in the mall being a boyfriend babysitter!! Yes!