Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Birds, The Birds, and a Hong Kong library-book Ruckuss

So, I don't get it. We're in the middle of the ocean, yet it seems 4 birds (weird Asian-looking seagulls, I'm not exactly an ornithologist) are with us. Are they roosting onboard? Are we their adoptive parents now? It's almost ominous, I feel as if they're watching us, I'm finding it hard to lay out on deck 12 (the Crystal beach) without getting nervous.

This morning, in library, a Chinese man came in and took my picture, twice, and then had me write my name down. Stardom, here I come! I was quickly brought back down to earth by a fight which had broken out over the Frommer's guide to Hong-Kong. It's a reference book anyway, so neither party ended up "winning", because the book cannot be reomved from the library, but I'm sometimes amazed by people and the way they think it's acceptable to behave. I have to be honest, I feel melancholy right now. Last night we had to go to a cocktail party, for people celebrating their 50th cruise with us, and although it's all well and good, sometimes it seems so contrived, so insignificant, so stupidly frivolous. I mean, here I am, in a dress, celebrating the fact that two people have spent enough money to cover the whole cast's salary for the 50th time, on a vacation, when 90% of the Earth's population do not have their own fresh water supply.
I apologise if this brings you down.

The tug of war contest was today. I was still doing a costume rehearsal so I missed it, but I know that the Engine department won, by a landslide.

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