Saturday, March 3, 2007

Your starter for, uh, 7

Hola! This is my very first effort at blogging. See, it's one of those long sea-days where the hours seem to pass slowly as the ship rocks, you've seen every crew movie, you can't quite face the gym, you know a friend of yours has this blog thing that seems to occupy at least some of their time, and they enjoy it.... yup I'm copying a friend's idea! I hope they don't mind, but imitation is after all the sincerest form of flattery. It just looks like a good way to keep track of all the ports we see, the shows we do (I'm a dancer) the varied, occasionally bizarre but often beautiful things we get to go through onboard.

I'm one of the Crystal Ensemble dancers, and I've worked as a dancer on this ship for just over a year. Before that, I was a "land person" but I did a stint on Disney Cruise Lines too, back in 2003.

Our itineraries on this ship are extremely varied, that's another reason I want to start up the blog, we do Asia for a month in April! It'll be, I hope like an on-line scrapbook-cum-diary-cum-travel guide (or advice on where I think is great, given the time constraints we have in each port!)

So, let's see, this next cruise coming up is a 7-day "Mexican Riviera Rendezvous" (gotta love the names they give these cruises!) and, if all goes well, I'll take you through each of the 4 ports, with the various shows we perform. I don't want to aim too high, it's my first time, after all. Hmm, let's see if I can't chuck a picture in here somehow....

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