Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I just can't eat it!

It's been just over a week now since the Great Wall trip in Beijing, where I bought this yoghurt/jelly/ready-meal/whatever it is, from the convenience store en route. It just keeps staring at me on my shelf, dark and ominous with the little pot of viscous orange stuff on top of it....I keep thinking: "It has TURTLE SHELL IN IT!" At least, that's the way it looks, right? See the little picture on the label? I'm so curious and yet so freaked out by the idea of how it might taste to me (and my uneducated palate) that I don't know what to do. I mean, what if I actually LIKE it? Then would I eat it all? And would I then feel ill, and a wave of revulsion would rise up inside me at myself? And why, when, let's face it, I'm a carnivourous lady, is the idea of turtle so wrong to me? Oh, what possessed me to buy it anyway?! I feel like I have some kind of duty now to consume it as an adventurous and open-minded traveller.


Runaway Rubber Duckie said...

gee Becky, I would offer to come over between shows with some toast, but I will leave that to Eric!! I am not brave enough for the Turtle Jam.

secretdubai said...

Such a cool blog and what a cool job you have! By the way I love that dress you are wearing in the Honolulu post - where's it from?

Dubai has just started to heat up for summer but the weather is still pretty good - nice breezes and low humidity - so you should have a good visit here.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Perhaps it's for polishing your car? You know.... Turtle wax???