Sunday, April 22, 2007

What you do when a migrane strikes in Vietnam

Well, first off, you give your IPM card to your boyfriend, who would otherwise be stuck onboard himself. Now, I'm not a stranger to having a drink or two, and last night I only drank one glass of champagne followed by ONE GLASS of white wine, at Karaoke in the nightclub onbard called "Luxe" after the shows. Granted, I may have been dehydrated, but this is hardly a recipe for a huge hangover, correct? Incorrect for Yours Truly, who woke feeling as if they'd drunk a bottle and a half of cheap wine (and were probably soaked in the remaining half!) My head was pounding so bad I nearly chickened out of boat-drill. George the lead vocalist kept me as entertained as he could, but it was back to bed for me as soon as the drill ended. I would dearly have loved to go exploring the wonders of China Beach and Marble Moutains in Chan May, I was so annoyed at my delicate constitution. I will post some pictures from friends soon (apparently most people ended up at resorts where the shuttle dropped off guests/crew, it was too hot to sunbathe on the beach!) but until then, here's what I got up to when I finally surfaced at about 4pm. PHOTOSHOP! I LOVE IT! This particular effect is called Liquify, you can give yourself the most amazing Beehive ever! See? And you can make your boyfriend look like some kind of hobbit/Peter Pan/Spock relative. Incidentally, his Hobbit name is Fredegar Millstone of Bywater, go to the link in my blog on the right side where there's a list, find out your Hobbit name, everyone has one!

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Runaway Rubber Duckie said...

Good to see you're feeling better, Becky!! Vietnam was cool, eh?? I'm looking forward to the elephant tour, you coming?

ooooh, you changed your comment settings!!Cool!