Saturday, March 29, 2008

My brush with high-fashion

Welcome to my expose on the bidness of clothes!

I was a last-minute addition to this shoot, my friend Daniella (pictured, awesome gal) got me in on the job, so I decided to have some fun.

We met at Old Street Tube at 8.45am (obviously the fun hadn't started yet) and made our way to the studio.
OK all would-be models, take note: when they say they're providing catering: THIS is what you want. The whole spread.

There was also this impressive espresso machine. Someone's mum making chicken and rice just doesn't cut it after this.

Then there was the massive (for a dance-shoot) white studio space,

the 2 stylists (2!) with their huge array of clothes

and the jewellery trolley.

I took the opportunity of not being in the first shot to follow the process of taking a picture from conception to end product.

Here are the selected clothes.

Here are the models playing around.

And here is my (really naughty) picture of the shot on screen, ready to be magicked via photoshop into a thing of beauty. The poor dancers have to get themselves into position at least 50 times before the photographer is happy.

By the end of the day my sides ached (no, not from laughing at myself in weird clothes) but for the number of times I had to strike this pose. I hope they sort out my impending wardrobe malfunction in Photoshop...

This was my makeup for that particular shot. Looks funny here, but not so much on the shot. It's all very clever....

Here's me waiting for one of mine, and trying to get over on these flamin' pointe shoes, last seen on a cruise ship.

Some of the group shots were particularly funny:

"So, um, I we hold hands, how?"

"Oh, I'm so innocent....butter wouldn't melt in my mouth"


Ex-Shammickite said...

So this was all still photography? No moving shots?
And where will this be used?
I love the black outfit with the black toe shoes.... very becoming! Just the thing to wear in the lunch room.

Anonymous said...

You are such a funny and cute woman, and I love these pictures! You deserve such a great man! Best to you!