Sunday, March 2, 2008

Oh No, I won't go...

So, I've been offered a job on another cruise line (which will remain nameless lest they, like, sue me for revealing company procedure or something) and because I'm kinda irritated by their meagre offer, I'm going to post the "short version of the contract" exactly as it was sent to me (well, okay, I corrected a few typos)

Hi Rebecca,

Here is a short version of the contract, letter of intent to follow.

Rehearsals start 2nd June 08 in Northampton

Accomodation provided.

The cast is 12 dancers and 4 singers.

9 week rehearsal period

On board first performance 12th August date to get on board is still in discussion.

Shared accomodation on board.

We provide 5 main shows which I briefly spoke to you about and then the welcome show and farewell show .

We do have duties covering library for an hour etc. cast parties as well.

All our dancers start on a basic of $2000 and during the rehearsals it is half salary which we pay in pounds whist in UK.

From the day you step on the ship you are paid full salary even though there is a period of rehearsals whilst the old cast perform their last shows.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions....I'm sure you have!

Not a great deal, right? And any seasoned sea-dog like me knows you're supposed to be given the EXACT hours of duties you'll be required to perform per week, ie 20 (a part-time job in itself, forget the dancing!) or 3, as was on my last ship (and to be honest I despised those!) plus they're supposed to give you a breakdown of WHAT those duties are.

But it this my lot? How come people seem to keep wanting to pack me off to sea? And by turning it down am I committing myself to a year of unemployment? Any job is better than none, for sure...

On Monday there are auditions for 'Grease' and 'Wicked' in the West End. My agent has not managed to get me an audition for either.
Just when I think I'm a successful performer I realise that when you're over 23 and haven't done a West End show in a while nobody wants to know, unless you're prepared to dress in white at 10am and hand out library books.

Sorry to vent, reader...

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