Thursday, March 20, 2008

We could be Heroes....Just for one day

I love a good Superheroes party. I decided, even though Eric has never seen the 80s cartoon show before, that he'd have to go as BANANAMAN. Check out Bananaman on YouTube for a whole glorious episode. Ah, I remember so well coming home from school, rushing through the door just in time to hear the sounds of "DUH, Duh DUH, and.....

This is 29 Acacia Road, and this is Eric, a schoolboy who leads an amazing double life.....for when Eric eats a banana, an AMAZING transformation occurs.....ERIC IS BANANAMAN! Ever-alert for the call to action!

Little did I know that at the age of uh.....VERY, VERY YOUNG, I'd end up living with my very own Eric/Bananaman! Right...

I reckon he more-than gives his TV likeness a run for his money. Check it out: Theirs





Mine. Really no contest.

So it was my friend Jason's party, or Zorro as he wished to be called for the evening.

He is also very, very young still, even though his friends saw fit to give him the zimmerframe-esque present you see him modelling here.

He loves to get behind the lens.

Then there's me, Wonder Woman. I made the costume, which for it's second outing is holding up well to bouts of rowdy drinking (not mine, obviously. The people around me are rowdy on occasion).

Here's my alter-ego. Yes, it's one of those suction ornaments for car windscreens. Not that I'm fearful of comparison, or anything...

The other heroes were a mixed bag. I've no idea who this guy thinks he is (please leave a comment if you know),

or why these two people are dressed as an airline pilot and flight attendant (not SUPER heroes. They can bring you booze, sure. Or direct you to you nearest exits 'herehere&HERE', but they're not SUPER)

or when Tina Turner became a Super Hero,

OR why all three of Jason's work colleagues showed up dressed as the same, blonde woman...

But there were some excellent efforts. Indie was bang on,

as was Superman,

and I have to applaud the lady standing next to me for her choice of Super Hero. Hers was a home-made costume too. Great minds, great minds...

We did find a nemesis to both our powers. Our powers of alcohol consumption, that is. It's a Chilean drink called a Pisco Sour, which Eric assures me is nice usually and is a liquor made from the skin of the grape,

but my tastebuds found it as repulsive as Cryptonite is to Superman (it's just so...sour!),

and it seems my partner in Superness felt the same.

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Day4plus said...

What FUN. you DO know how to PAARTAY. Oh yes!!
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