Sunday, September 16, 2007

All Day Breakfast in the Comfy Corner Cafe, Halifax

Halifax, ah Halifax. Eric was back on Canadian soil once again, and what lovely, er, soil it was. This graffitti "Happy City" was written on the side of a street. You just wouldn't get that it London....These are my favourite spots in Halifax: This bookstore for cheap 2nd hand books and strong coffee, this coffee store (a Canadian institution so I hear) Second Cup, because as well as great coffee they have all the free local papers and fliers you could possibly want to get you clued up on what's popping tonight, and this cafe. It's called the Comfy Corner Cafe, and does breakfast, all day, and that's it. It's all about the omellettes and big mugs of joe. Hung on the walls are various tea-towels from far-flung corners of the globe, all donations from regulars.

On our walk back through town, we were lucky enough to see a game of street hockey, my first ever. Eric wanted to play, but uttered sadly "I don't have my stick" and we carried on.

This place has a soul, I mean where else could you see a busker this well dressed?

Or signs outside a clothing store like this?

Or my boyfriend wearing this 'No Name' carrier bag when shopping in a Grocery Store, without fear of being arrested (I love how it says Spend Less right by his head, like a thought bubble!)

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Runaway Rubber Duckie said...

Yes, I know that internet cafe/bookstore well!
See you soon!