Thursday, September 20, 2007

Big Apple, Big Pizza

What I love about docking in New York, is that we really do dock IN New York, it's a straight walk down 73rd st. to Times Square. Here I am with (from left to right) Eric (and his tongue) Duncan and Tyler (or Commissioner Jonas Shiloh Taylor to give him his full title) doing just that.

Here's one of those 'only in New York' things we saw on the sidewalk, three brown shoes, makes me kind of sad...

In New York, people really do sing as they walk along the street, rap with their friends on street corners, beep their horns uncontrollably and yell at each other for no apparent reason.

Here's Times Square. We were pretty excited even though we've been here before. The place exudes energy. It also busts out all over with stuff you need! One of my favourite places to browse is Colony, on Broadway, for sheet music. I bought the dots for Amy Winehouse's Back to Black album, plus a bunch of Rod Stewart tacks and Walking in Memphis, because I've always wanted to sing it, and you never know when the next jam session's going to happen at sea...a girl's got to stay ready and keep her material fresh!

So, I guess this is what a New York Brownstone looks like. I want one.

Hey everyone, let's do the Times Square Shuffle!

This store made Eric extremely happy. The guy let him try out a $3,000 floor-pod (only in NY, baby!) plus a seriously pricey bass. He eventualy bought a Tonebone 'Bassbone', much smaller and less pricey, which he's not entirely happy with, but in true high-consumerism style, the guy in the store said he could return it as long as it was in resaleable condition any time in the next month.

I bought some new dance trainers and jazz pants (my first since, um, 2001!) from this huge Capezio store near the ship. Dance stores just don't come this big in the U.K.!

But the thing we've been waiting all for all year, the thing New York (and in particular THIS store) does better than anywhere else, is pizza. And the name of the best pizza slice in town? Fat Sal's. Eric and I shared two mammoth pieces of this vegetarian, Duncan took the classic mozzarella and tomato and the Commissioner had a white pizza, so-named due to the lack of tomato sauce but with added ricotta balls. Looks weird, tastes amazing.

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