Sunday, September 2, 2007

I WANT THIS (or, Project V-Dub!)

eBay Motors: Volkswagen : Bus/Vanagon (item 280148740169 end time Sep-07-07 14:02:52 PDT)

Oh, my, how I want this thing. Dad, I KNOW I am saving for my flat (and inevitable unemployment) when I become a 'land' person again in December, but oh, how I would love this little beauty! Even though it's a lefty-drive (I love a challenge!) I'd be so happy.

It's got it's original tent and everything...I want to strap my board onto the original rack and hit the swells in Cornwall, or Wales, or chuck it on the Euro-whatsit and go to France!
Look on her. Fall in love with her, and then please don't bid on her because I WANT HER!

Ways to get V-Dub (legally):

-Beg/plead/cajole random individuals, friends and relatives on account of it being my Birthday soon (unlikely to get response)
-Play lottery (unlikely to win)
-Get very rich husband (issue of current boyfriend whom I quite like)
-Create wonderful show extravanganza and invite all my friends (that's 107 on Facebook, y'know...107 times £15 is.....) and bloggers to come, proceeds going to Project V-Dub (issue of bidding running out in 5 days, unlikely to get show together, perform AND get winning bid by then)

I'm open to suggestion, reader!


Ex-Shammickite said...

Beck: I have always wanted one of those! We had a Veedub bus many years ago, same style as that one but not done up as a camper! It was red and white and it's name was Polly, and whenever we see one on the road now we always wave and shout Hello Polly! I'm amazed, current price on this one is $15,100, it started at $200!
Go for it!

Ex-Shammickite said...

WOW I just checked back, it's over $20,000 now. Definitely out of my price range but I still love it!