Monday, September 10, 2007

Take a little look at Nuuk

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland, and on our visit was also a fairly rocky tender-boat ride away, owing to the fact that the dock was damaged in a recent storm.

On arriving in Nuuk, you are met with hundreds of shipping hangars, used worldwide. You feel like an ant amongst lego blocks. I couldn't help thinking that as the surrounding architecture uses many of the same materials, corrugated iron cubes are de rigeur as dwellings go, it almost feels as if the town has grown out of the hangars, like the hangars decided to morph into buildings to accommodate the people wishing to live and work in them. Check out this bus shelter and roadside cafe, see what I mean?

This is the town proper. In the pub in the second picture, the yellow one (yes, that's a pub), it became apparent that the smoking ban hasn't hit Greenland yet. At 2pm, we walked into a smoky-haze, with people well into their second, third or fourth rounds, and although I don't smoke I had a vague pang of longing for the smoke-filled English pubs of my youth.

This is the cemetary, quite beautiful and unlike any I've seen before.

This is the Thai restaurant next to it, where Eric and I ate really good coconut shrimp, surrounded by more smokers, drinkers, and gamblers on these slot machines that seem to be present in every eatery we go to. All the vices are here, folks!

Apparently, Santa Claus lives at 3900 Nuuk. He even has his own post box just behind his house, next to the Tourism office...and all these years I've been addressing my letters to the North Pole...I was too upset to even look for it. We did like this bench, however. It was a very peaceful, contemplative bench.

Danish is the language spoken here (although some say 'Ancient Norse') and this is what it looks like. They double up on the consonants quite frequently, and vowels too now I look at it.

So, the way to keep your boat fresh is to wrap it in cling film and leave it on dry land. And, I think that's all for now, reader!


Runaway Rubber Duckie said...

Becky, you missed the outdoor fresh meat market with dead Reindeer and Whales!

You're in Canada today, it looks like! Yaaay!

Ackworth Born said...

Lovely to look at Nuuk again - I can still taste the delicious pizza I had from a mobile van - still no idea what was in it.

Great shot of those wide drainage channels at the side of the road.